måndag 24 september 2012

Greklands underskott

1. I fredags kom den glada nyheten att Greklands underskott var mindre än väntat (fantastiskt med tanke på det svaga sentimentet och ständiga strejker och tillväxtbesvikelser

2. Nu strejkar grekiska skattetjänstemän (igen)
3. Och då kommer Spiegel och förstör festen genom att säga att underskottet är mycket större än väntat

Från zerohedge:

Case in point, on Friday the Finance Ministry proudly announced its budget deficit for the first eight months was "just" €12.5 billion, versus a target of €15.2 billion, leading some to wonder how it was possible that a country that has suffered terminal economic collapse, and in which the tax collectors have now joined everyone in striking and thus not collecting any tax revenue, could have a better than expected budget deficit. Turns out the answer was quite simple. According to Spiegel, Greece was lying about everything all along, and instead of a €12.5 billion deficit, the real revenue shortfall is nearly double this, or €20 billion, a number which will hardly incentivize anyone in Germany to give Greece the benefit of another delay

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