måndag 19 november 2012

Mauldins tre biotech-hopp

Han tar upp tre nya genombrott inom biotech. Nr 2 är det roligaste och nyaste. Nr 1 har varit på gång något år men kommer allt närmare en faktisk applikation (tar dock säkert längre tid att bli godkänt än man tror) och nr 3 är kanske det mest vardagligt intressanta och skulle kunna bli det nya D-vitamin eller nya Omega 3 om det håller så hög standard som det verkar i brevet.

1. Stamcellsforskning som lovar kardiovaskulär föryngring inom några år

2. Biologiska nanomaskiner (nanoviricider) i form av piller som tar bort symptomen av AIDS, herpes mm svåra virussjukdomar

3. Extremt inflammationshämmande naturmedicin från tobaksplantor som ger ökad livslängd (inflammation är mänsklighetens största gissel, inte minst pga att vi äter för lite havsdjur och för mycket kött)

Blandade klipp från Mauldins "Out of the Box"
1. Hjärta och kärl As you read this, your endothelial precursors stem cells are constantly repairing your cardiovascular system. Their ability to do so, however, diminishes as those cells age. With a transfusion of a patient's own rejuvenated endothelial precursors, the recipient would have a rejuvenated cardiovascular system within months.

Though BioTime doesn't have regulatory approval yet, the company has been able to perform this procedure on a limited basis for some time. The process of creating rejuvenated iPS cells for individuals, however, is slow and therefore expensive. Cells resist reprogramming because most of the DNA in adult cells is purposely folded up and protected from activation.

2. Nanoviricider When viruses detect their target ligands attached to the polymer nanovesicles, they act as if the nanovesicle is a cell. Viruses force their way into the polymer structure and attempt to hack the nanoviricide as they would a living cell. With no genome to exploit, they are disassembled harmlessly.   Recently, however, NanoViricides demonstrated that they can design, using certain polymer shapes and ligands, a drug that passes safely through the stomach lining into the blood stream. It may not be evident today, but this is a discovery that will be recorded in future medical history books.

Oral nanoviricides will allow low-cost preventative dosing for influenza, but the implications are much greater. I believe the company is on track to solving the oral delivery problem for other virus-borne diseases. Soon, I'm convinced, we will see oral nanomedicines that cure or completely prevent symptoms of AIDS, herpes, hepatitus, smallpox, dengue and other diseases.

  3. Inflammationer In the paper “Inflamm-aging: An Evolutionary Perspective on Immunosenescence,” Franceschi and his team point out “... that the persistence of inflammatory stimuli over time represents the biologic background (first hit) favoring the susceptibility to age-related diseases/disabilities. A second hit (absence of robust gene variants and/or presence of frail gene variants) is likely necessary to develop overt organ-specific age-related diseases having an inflammatory pathogenesis, such as atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes.”

In other words, you may have a genetic predisposition to atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, osteoporosis or diabetes but it is your own immune system that triggers these conditions. Many researchers studying this phenomenon have focused on NF-κB, nuclear factor kappa-light-chain-enhancer of activated B cells, as the root cause of the problem.

NF-kappa, as it is often abbreviated, is the alarm system of our immune system. NF-kappa is a transcription factor capable of activating your DNA to mount an immune defense. They exist outside of the nucleus in virtually every cell in your body but, if they detect something indicating injury or infection, they migrate into the nucleus and initiate an immune response.

As we age, NF-kappa calls in more and more false alarms until we are in a state of chronic low-level inflammation. Eventually, this chronic inflammation tends to localize at some point of vulnerability until we have a health-threatening disease that ends our lives prematurely.

For this reason, the quest for a substance that would calm down NF kappa activation without suppressing legitimate immune system function has been called the “holy grail” of modern medicine. To make a long story short, that holy grail has been found in members of the solanaceous plant family such as eggplant, peppers and tobacco.

Rather, I'm telling you to watch for final data from three major studies underway now. The Roskamp Institute, a leading brain disease research center, is doing the Alzheimer's trials. Roskamp, directed by two of the scientists who discovered the amyloid connection to AD, Drs. Michael Mullan and Fiona Crawford, has also overseen an interventional study in Flint Michigan. Dr. Paul Ladenson, with colleagues from Johns Hopkins is following up an animal study of thyroiditis with a human study.

Preliminary results from the Flint study have been released, revealing that the active ingredient in Anatabloc, at much lower doses than I take, reduced C-Reactive Protein (CRP) levels in 61% of diabetic patients. CRPs are associated with the onset and severity of diabetes and other diseases. These patients, in fact, all had other diseases and extremely high CRPs so results are far more significant than they may appear.

The Hopkins thyroid study results should be completed in December but we already know that the human studies are providing statistically significant results. If they are similar to the animal studies, which provided the first ever improvements in thyroid disease, we will be able to reach extremely important scientifically validated conclusion.

In fact, positive results from all three ongoing studies would confirm the thesis that anatabine citrate does not treat specific diseases directly. Rather, it dramatically reduces the NF-kappa induced inflammation that effects all diseases. If this is true, and I'm personally convinced that it is, it means that we will be able to delay or prevent most of the conditions that prematurely shorten life.

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