tisdag 13 november 2012

Janjuah siktar på 1300, 1500 och 800 i S&P 500

Den här meningen sammanfattar Bobs syn att en sista policyspike kan lyfta index rejält innan kraschen, fast först tror han att det faller till 1300 (nu 1370):

A combo of ECB QE and fiscal/debt ceiling fudges in the US – perhaps also complimented by a short-lived centrally planned but debt fuelled and ultimately wasteful China uptick – could even cause a parabolic spike powerful enough to take S&P – briefly – into the 1500s, before resuming the longer-term march over the rest of 2013 and 2014 to the 800s

[...] but, for now, we will continue to focus on 1300 as an initial major target

Annars är han tydlig med att penningtryckande endast skadar ekonomin:

the private sector continues to ignore Bernanke [...] by instead doing the exact opposite, which means holding onto/building cash and savings, delaying spending/investment/hiring and thus hurting growth.

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