onsdag 9 juni 2010

Lånat material från en av de bästa boutiquerna

Teknisk analys (kasta kycklingben, spå i teblad, astrologi) från ISI på S&P 500 (en av de bästa tekniska analytikerna på marknaden, halvfundamental):

The reality of the world is that this market could do just about anything at this point. 1040 represents some minor support, but our 65-day low being violated suggests real damage has been done to stocks. The percentage of names making 20-day lows has expanded and 10-day TRIN readings both imply a bounce, but at what cost? Credit has firmed, but intra-bank lending stress continues to dominate, and the message from the charts of the world suggests as commodities, currencies, equities and fixed income tell a similar story. In a "normal" environment, a distribution process will persist over an extended period. If that applies in this tape, it should produce a "right-shoulder" formation (somewhere back to 1150 [just nu kl 17.02 den 9 juni: 1070] and then fail. That's what we are playing for, but admittedly the risk to our call is the domination of credit, and therefore distribution gets translated into liquidation at lower levels." (Jeff deGraaf)

ISI är annars mest känt för sin makroanalys där de har avgjort bäst och mest data i branschen (och flest förstaplatser i rankingen senaste kvartsseklet)

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