onsdag 17 februari 2010

Hur kan man (jag) vara bullish?

...bara lite stöd för svaga själar...

Det här är en del av min konversation med några förvaltarkolleger i måndags:

Sure, as N.N. notes, the markets are telling us something. They are worried. There are large uncertainties regarding regulation, taxes, growth, geopolitical risk etc. Perhaps even fear of a new generation of reduced equity culture, but I think that is going too far.

Rather, more people are being born, more people are moving to cities, technological innovation continues at a steady pace. These people will work with better and better tools, produce more effectively and they will consume (more) sooner or later. I think the financial crash of 2008 was “it” and now we just have a very large wall of worry to climb. I am bullish.

Efter det finns massa ifs and buts och sovereign risk hit och räntor dit osv osv, men det lämnar jag tills det är viktigt

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