torsdag 25 februari 2010

Varför en del är arbetslösa

Här är några utdrag ur en inte helt politiskt korrekt Ecconomistartikel om arbetslöshet. Skrämmande och roligt. Undrar vad Mona och Ohly skulle säga om Reinfeldt citerade artikeln...

It tried to deal with the standard complaint that immigrants "take all our jobs"; one that is completely contradicted by the other complaint that they come to Britain to live off benefits.

So the programme got four employers in Wisbech (a Fenland town close to where I grew up) to take on British unemployed workers instead of the eastern Europeans on whom they normally relied. One genial owner of an Indian restaurant offered four jobs for waiters and traineee cooks; three of the four failed to turn up on the first day. The other lad was baffled by "all these Indian names" for food although Indian meals are nowadays as British as roast beef; he lasted for about two hours, including one walk-out. At a potato factory, another lad rang up on the first day to say he'd been out late and was now too ill to come in.

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