tisdag 8 februari 2011

Rapportsäsongen i USA

Klippt från Carnegie: US Q4 earnings growth: So far in the US reporting season, reported earnings and sales have been above expectations. A total of 320 companies, or 64%, have reported their Q4(10) earnings. Actual Y/Y earnings are up 27%, while the share-weighted change is 39% Y/Y. The greatest earnings growth has been in Financials, with a Y/Y change of 437%, while Utilities is positive at only 3% Y/Y. Total earnings growth excluding Financials is 20% Y/Y.


A total of 71% of the companies have posted a positive earnings surprise while 22% have reported a negative surprise. During Q3(10) we saw positive earnings surprises of 70% and negative of 19%. Historically a typical quarter shows around 60% positive earnings surprises and 20% negative.



Mer intressant kanske är att prognoserna för 2011 har ökat med 1,6% senaste veckan, medan Eurostoxx50 stigit knappt 3% och OMX fallit 1,5%.

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