måndag 17 januari 2011


Här är ett litet utdrag från Jim O'Neills (Goldman Sachs) kommentar imorse angående BRIC-länderna och inte minst Indien:

John Sawtell, one of the senior Goldman Sachs research analysts in Europe, sent me an email about the remarkable story of an Indian airline company called IndiGo last Wednesday. Neither one of us had known of their existence until this point. Last Wednesday, it was announced that this company had made the single biggest airline order in history. Airbus said that they had received an order for 180 A320’s from them totaling around $15 billion. According to the story, this new company has indicated it might need 4,000 aircraft within 15 years. With this one single order, according to John, it takes them to 2/3 the size of Easyjet. All of this fits with the mind boggling stories I heard firsthand when I was in Jaipur for a few days last November. I wrote about this on my return. Their new airport supposedly was built in not much more than a year, and the Aviation Minister told me that there is going to be another 400 of those in the future.

Lite häftigt tycker jag (jag är fortfarande neutral för övrigt).

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