måndag 29 november 2010

UBS strategi inför 2011: köp aktier

Från UBS nya strategidokument (och jag håller med om det mesta, men håller ändå merparten av mina investeringar till Europa):
From an Equity Strategy perspective we expect improving macro conditions and increased confidence in a durable expansion will enable risk premiums to fall, driving markets higher. How can Equities achieve returns? We think PE multiples will expand while corporate re-leveraging and low interest rates should support growth; the situation for the financials sector may also improve. GEM remains our preferred market given superior growth and earnings as well as better valuations. We increased our allocation to Japan to reflect recent underperformance and a stabilizing yen and move to underweight Europe reflecting sovereign debt concerns. Within sectors, we boost our allocation to Healthcare and drop Consumer Staples. Meanwhile, we increase our position in Industrials and trim Consumer Discretionary
Ja, tack, när som helst nu. Jag är redo. /Eek

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