onsdag 7 december 2011

Kommer EU/ECB lyckas hålla liv i uppgången?

Ingen vet hur det blir, men jag håller med Goldman och Zero om det här (dvs att snart hoppar första lämmeln av tåget och då är det här julrallyt över, eftersom EU-ledarna knappast kommer kunna presentera ett hållbart paket):
"Our bottom line is the following: the 'clean' solutions that would have seen clear resolution of that impasse appear to have been ruled out following Monday's German/French meeting. That makes something altogether fuzzier likely to emerge from Friday, and this risks falling short of market expectations. The sequencing that we believe is being followed will be delayed further into the new year." Said otherwise - yet another failure. Which confirms that the Christmas rally over the past week has been nothing but. And all such "career risk" mitigation exercises in lemmingry, end in the same way: with someone defecting first.

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