torsdag 12 september 2013

Det enda du behöver läsa idag

Stanley Druckenmiller:

Baissad och legendarisk hedgefondmiljardär som slutade för några år sedan pga att marknaden blivit konstig av QE. Några utdrag från intervjun:

I was good at looking around corners and protecting them. And this is much longer a timeframe, but it is the easiest lay-up I have ever seen of something we have got to address and a problem we have got to deal with

It is my belief that QE has subsidized all asset prices and when you remove that, the market will go down.

If you did not believe before the exit was going to be tough, the mere hint that maybe in three months, if the economy is good, we might go from $85 billion a month to buying $65 Billion a month, cause that kind of havoc and risk around the world./ How in the world does anyone think when the actual exit happens that prices are not going to respond? It is silly.

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