fredag 11 maj 2012

Jag blir så trött på den totalt felaktiga bild alla har av att vi har SPARAT och SPARAT och SPARAT...

austerity was never really tried
Från Zerohedge: By mainstream media accounts, the presidential election in France and parliamentary elections in Greece on May 6 were overwhelming verdicts against "austerity" measures being implemented in Europe. There is only one problem. It is a lie. First off, austerity was never really tried. Not really. In France for example, according to Eurostat, annual expenditures have actually increased from €1.095 trillion to €1.118 trillion in 2011. In fact spending has increased every single year for the past decade. The debt there increased too from €1.932 trillion €1.987 trillion last year, just as it did every year before. Real "austere". The French spent more, and they borrowed more. The deficit in France did decrease by about €34 billion in 2011, but that was largely because of a €56.6 billion surge in tax revenues. Again, there were no spending cuts. Zero. Yet incoming socialist president François Hollande claimed after his victory over Nicolas Sarkozy that he would bring an end to this mythical austerity: "We will bring back Europe on a track for jobs, growth and the future… We're no longer doomed to austerity." This is just a willful, purposeful distortion. What the heck is he talking about? Certainly not France.
"Besparingar" i politikerspråk (och media) betyder "låna ganska mycket istället för jättemycket och ÖKA utgifterna lite istället för mycket", men SPARA, nähädu, det ska man tydligen aldrig göra.

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